Sticks & Stones

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Sticks & Stones is a card game romp through a prehistory that time forgot. Players control one of four clans struggling for survival and dominance at the dawn of humanity. To win, you’ll have to use everything you’ve got: shamanic powers, mighty beasts, brutal weapons, cunning inventions, shiny rocks, diplomatic grunts, threatening stares, and more! Just remember no talking during your turn!

Each player assembles a clan of archaic Homo sapiens, Dino sapiens, Neanderthals, or Troglodytes. Archaic Homo sapiens are our primitive ancestors. They are physically weaker than their rivals, but make up for it with character types that include the nimble Florz (cave halflings) and Cave Nerds (who create amazing prehistoric "technology"). Dino sapiens are semi-intelligent dinosaur people who enlist fierce dinosaurs as their allies. Neanderthals have brawny fighters and shamans who use powerful magic. Troglodytes are the most primitive clan (making even Neanderthals look civilized) but have fearsome creatures like Trogres and the dreaded Dragonasaurus working for them.

Sticks & Stones is a 2-4 player card game. There are 110 cards, including characters from each clan, Woot! cards (events, gear, and special items), and Quest cards (challenges faced by your clan). An optional 5th player can serve as the Cave Master for the game. Players must resort to prehistoric roleplaying as they bluff, intimidate, and cajole each other--all without speaking during their turn!

Sprache:: Englisch

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