Realm of Shadows

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Far beneath the shadow of the Dark Tower and beyond a clearing known as Raven's Hollow lie the ruins of a village. No one is certain what arose from the deep the fateful night that the village was laid to waste, but travelers now report shadows moving through the deserted streets and a solitary light shining from the old town square. Dare to discover the curse that befell this forsaken place as you venture forth into the Realm of Shadows. (52 minutes)

Track Listing

1. Prophecy
2. Into the Abyss
3. Noctem Aeturnus
4. Tempest
5. Eye of the Storm
6. Sanctuary
7. Among the Ruins
8. Realm of Shadows
9. Raven's Hollow
10. Beyond the Gates

11. The Summoning
12. Spectral Mist
13. Soliloquy
14. Twilight
15. Serpent's Lair
16. Black Woods
17. The Night Beckons
18. Legions of the Dead
19. Witching Hour
20. Harbored Souls
21. Eclipse

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