Condemnation (hc) (War of the Spider Queen)

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The forces aligned against Menzoberranzan begin to take shape, and the threat to drow civilization is more terrifying than anyone has yet imagined. From the impenetrable shadows of the Underdark to the remote corners of the no less unforgiving World Above, the path toward the secrets of Lolths silence is as unpredictable as it is deadly.

Joined by two drow who might be the last survivors of Ched Nasad, the explorers from Menzoberranzan have learned much, but for every answer they find, a thousand new questions arise. They must seek out a rival priest, in hopes that he can speed them on their way to the goddess herself, but can one dark elf ever trust another?

The third novel in an epic six-part series from the fertile imaginations of R.A. Salvatore, and a select group of the newest, most exciting authors in the genre. Join them as they shine a light into the blackest recesses of the Forgotten Realms world, only to deepen the shadows within.

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