Another Fine Mess

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The Master has gotten himself into another fine mess – captured by an evil sorcerer! What can you – mere animals – do?

Why, lots! Shadow the cat knows where the Master was captured. Reek the ferret is a contortionist and has a magic twig! Penny the falcon is fearless, while Midnight, the master’s steed, has strength and speed aplenty. Isabelle the bloodhound can track a scent anywhere.Barney is a strong, loyal, agile dog for whom most obstacles prove mere annoyances. Bandit the ‘coon is clever with his paws – very clever. And Anaxagoras the owl is in training to be a wizard!

 The player characters are animals!

 Includes “All the Rules You Need to Know”

 Excellent one-shot adventure that provides a good break from a group’s regular campaign

Includes a map, plan, and profile of a realistic cave system and its surrounding environs, easily adapted to other games

 Lots of Sorcerous Abominations to encounter!

Can also be run with more traditional player characters

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