Tour of Duty

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Tour Of Duty, Armoured, Airborne, and Infantry combay in Vietnam, 1965 - 1971,is a comprehensive 132 page book that includes:
• A history of the Vietnam War from the escalation as US and other Free World forces arrived in 1965 to the \"Vietnamisation\" of the war in 1971
• History of the Battle of Ia Drang, the fighting in the Iron Triangle, the Battle of Fire Base Coral, and Operation Lam Son 719.
• The option to field Free World forces:
• US Airmobile, Mechanised, and Rifle Companies, Air and Armored Cavalry Troops, and Tank Companies.
• Australian Tank and Cavalry Squadrons, and Australian and NZ Rifle Companies.
• ARVN Combat Car and Armoured Cavalry Squadrons, and Rifle Companies.
• History of the North Vietnamese regular, main force, and local force units, special tasks (sapper) units, and armoured forces.
• The option to field Nationalist Infantry and Armoured Battalions, supported by local forces, sappers, and disguised resistance fighters.
• Inspirational colour photos.

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