The Strange: Players Guide

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Beneath the orbits and swirls of our natural universe lies the Strange, a network of dark energy and matter. Those who have learned to access and navigate this chaotic sea have discovered an almost endless set of ?recursions? in the shadow of our Earth: Replicant worlds with their own laws of reality, reflected from human experience or imagination, given form in the swirling nothingness of the Strange. Worlds teeming with life, with discovery, with incredible treasures, and with sudden death.

Worlds often jealous of our own.

The secret plunder of these worlds beckons the brave, the daring, and the unscrupulous?and it draws dangerous enemies from these recursions back to our Earth.

And slowly but inexorably, it attracts the attention of beings from beyond Earth?s shoals?beings of unfathomable power and evil from the unknown reaches of. . .


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