The Enemy within

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A sinister figure stands poised to take advantage of the period of uncertainty prompted by the death of Marius Leitdorf, the former Elector of Averland. Slain in the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass, Leitdorf left no clear heir. Now, this villain conspires with the enemies of the Empire to manipulate the succession for his own advantage.

The Enemy Within explores classic themes of corruption and betrayal throughout a massive campaign that can take characters all the way from their first sessions through their third character ranks. The truly adventurous can extend the story into truly epic terrain with an optional epilogue and the rules from Hero's Call.

It's one thing to face your foe in the field of battle, but can you defeat The Enemy Within?

This is not a complete game. A copy of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is required.

Sprache:: Englisch

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