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The year is 1892. The bank at Repentance Springs has been robbed. Many good citizens, including Sheriff Anton Dreyfus and school-marm Sue Daggett, were brutally slain as the gang shot its way, whooping and hollering, out of town. Colonel Ned McReady and his men are tasked with bringing Jack Colty - a man so mean he?d steal a fly from a blind spider, or a coin off a dead man?s eyes - and his gang to justice. ? perfectly thematically balanced card game set in the Wild West

? each player has their own unique deck of cards with unique possibilities

? several winning conditions for each player: requires different tactics and different methods of play

? short texts and clear symbols on the cards make the game easy and clear to play

? cards feature beautiful illustrations and have titles that could have been lifted directly from a western movie, such as : ?Let?s shoot our way outta here? and ?Chew on this, gringo!?

? a lot of direct player interaction and high replayability

Sprache:: Englisch

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