Gatorman Posse

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Kategorie: Minions

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Among the most formidable warriors of all the savage races, gatormen augment their natural battle prowess with brutal strength and oversized weapons. The barest scent of blood drives them into a killing frenzy, and a single gatorman can slay several men in a few gore-splattered seconds. Gatormen have no qualms about fighting for any master as long as they are provided with steel weapons and ample food.

The Gatorman Posse unit comes in a box (PIP 75041). A player may field up to two Gatorman Posse units per warlock in a Circle, Legion, Skorne, or Trollblood army or up to three Gatorman Posse units per warlock in a Minion army under the Blindwater Congregation Pact.

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