Faith: Starter Set - A Garden in Hell

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FAITH is a tabletop science fiction  RPG that takes place in the vastness of the universe.

As part of the mighty Corvo, the proud Iz'kal or as versatile Humans, players will take part in amazing stories all around the universe. During those stories they will be able to take part  in the power struggle between  the two civilisations, or choose sides in the divine conflicts between the Gods.

Faith uses a new system created by Burning Games:  This system uses cards to resolve the different aspects of the game. As part of FAITH's unique blend of Sci Fi RPG and Boardgame, each player has a hand of custom playing cards.  These cards can be used to resolve the different actions and confrontations that arise during a game. Additionally, the most important gear and pieces of equipment of the different characters come in cards. All those cards can be laid out in front of players to be a constant reminder of how their characters look and what gear they have available. This system allows for ?Luck Management" gameplay  to arise: players can decide when their ?bad rolls" are going to happen (when to play low value cards) and when the moment has come for their characters to shine, playing their court cards and succeeding against all odds. - Playable right out of the box. 

FAITH: A Garden in Hell is a tabletop sci-fi RPG that contains  everything you need to play a game right out of the box, including a quick walkthrough of the basic rules at the beginning of the story, pregenerated characters, a more detailed rulebook you can start using once you get a grasp of the basics. - Perfect for beginners

FAITH: A Garden in Hell is the best introductory point for new players. It provides the full FAITH experience in a compact and unexpensive box with everything you need to get started. - Great for veterans With lots of new gear and NPCs, A Garden in Hell also provides a lot of insight into the Ravager, advancing the lore of the game and providing you with the opportunity to affect it with the results of your own campaign.

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