Bim Bum Bam - First Player Deck

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Are you tired of never being First Player in your favourite game because you are always the oldest at the table? Are you sick of starting last because you never travelled to a caribbean island? You can?t tolerate losing a three hours game because, victory points constructions and workers being equal, you have one food less? Finally a new, practical and above all funny way to define the First Player in every game is born. An original and irreverent card deck you can use every time a tie has to be broken. You and your friends won?t never again need to calculate how many resources there are left in your stock. It will be enough find out ?Who stinks more? between you or ?Who makes more push-ups on one hand? to determine the winner! BimBumBam is the easiest and more enjoyable way to start and finish all of your games.

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