Orc One Player Battle Set (30 Figures)

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Orcs are the footsoldiers of evil and are among the vilest of all creatures; evil beings created for war. They delight in destruction and all of their essence is bent towards violence, mind and body.

This One Player Battle Set contains a small Orc starter force and a mini-copy of the Core Kings of War rules. It contains all you need to start building your force and playing Kings of War.

Number of Miniatures: 30

Product Type: Plastic and Plastic Resin Miniatures

Unit Type: Battle Set

This Set Includes:
32 Page Mini Kings of War Core Rulebook
20 Plastic Orc Ax
Hand Weapons and Shields
Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician
Extra hand weapons, shields and heads.
10 Plastic Resin Gore Riders
Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician
Mantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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